Friday, 25 January 2013

Top Honeymoon destinations on Earth

Planning your wedding from long time, don’t forget to plan your honeymoon. Obviously it is the most beautiful moments of your married life when you and your better half goes for a an exotic holiday but plan it beforehand so that you choose the most apt place for your honeymoon. Following are some of the interesting honeymoon destinations found on the globe which are not only romantic but are popular and feasible with respect to cost:-
Honeymoon in Australia – Australia is one of the most beautiful country on this earth. Golden beaches, Grabd architectural landmark, mesmerizing underwater sea life and many more things. For those who don’t want any gleam and glitter of metropolitan, Newcastle is a perfect place for them. Otherwise Sydney, Brisbane cairns are some of the cities which can leave your thrilled because of its incredible sights and astonishing tourist places
Honeymoon in Europe – Europe is the most outrageous destination for spending your month long honeymoon on earth. Countries like Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Rome will leave you astonished as these are the only location on the globe where you get to the see the purest form of natural beauty untouched. Europe honeymoon packages basically include Capri, Venice, Florence, Salzburg, Vienna etc. which is unexplored as a commercial estate and therefore offers calm and quiet ambience for your romantic moments.
Honeymoon in South Africa – the most developed African countries are also the worth seeing location of the world. Capetown, Sun city, Johannesburg are some of the metros of the country which have lot many things to offer you. On one side where you can enjoy an Island ride in Capetown, on the other you can enjoy casino life, gambling  and gaming in Sun City. Often called the Mecca of clubs, Sun City is world famous for its Clubs and Casinoes.
Honeymoon in Greece- Athens and Santorini are two of the most beautiful places in Greece which offers you an unhindered view of white beauty of nature. Both places are perfect example of architectural mastery. With serene view and splendid ambience at Syntagma Square, Sunsets and sunrise at Oia, Greece is the best spot for making your honeymoon memorable.
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